The Different Kinds of Golf Clubs

In a game of golf, the two important elements of equipment are the golf balls and the golf clubs. The game is to hit the ball with the club towards a hole in the ground. The goal is to be able to shoot it into the hole with the least number of tries. Golf clubs are stick like equipment with a hand grip, a shaft, and a head on the bottom part that is used to hit the ball with. Its forms have changed dramatically through time and the reasons for such changes are many. They have changed the look and the material due to technology, better understanding of the physics of the game, and its compatibility with the changes of the balls.

There are also many kinds of golf clubs for different kinds of uses and shots.

golf clubIn golf tournaments, they base what kind of golf clubs are allowed to be used in the game on the ruling authorities of golf. They follow a rule that a club must not be different in substance from the traditional ones. A traditional club basically means that it consists of a hand grip, shaft, and head. There are around fourteen different clubs that are found in the usual set. One is called the Wood. The wood is used to make far shots. It is long and it has a large head. Woods are made from different kinds of metals depending on the brand. The Driver is the biggest kind of wood.

The putter is a club that is used to hit the ball softly enough to make the ball roll over to the hole. It is used when the ball is close enough to the hole. It is the kind of club that is most often used in mini-golf games. It has a flat side that comes in contact with the ball and could either appear flat on both sides or like a mallet on the other side.

Irons have heads that are made of purely metal and is flat and angled. It has a shorter shaft. It can be used for various shots from short ones, specifically less than 200 hundred yards, tricky shots, or hard to make shots such as trying to hit the ball over or through huge trees. The wedge is one kind of Iron. It is preferred if you want to be highly accurate with your shot in a short distance.

A hybrid is called such because it is a mix between an Iron and a Wood. It has the power of hitting the ball to a far distance like the wood and it also has the accuracy of the iron. The shaft is the same with the iron’s shaft and the head is smaller than the wood’s.

Wedges are used to make the ball fly. Golfers use this when the hole is around 130 yards and they need to make the ball rise up high in the air until it reaches the area of the hole. The most common kind is the Pitching wedge.

The chipper is similar to the Iron but with a specific use of slightly lifting the ball from tall grass and eventually rolling towards the hole. It is not part of the basic set since it only has a specific use.

The reason why there are only a few kinds mentioned here is because these are the general classes of clubs. The other clubs in a basic set are sub-classes of the mentioned kinds of clubs. If you want to know more about golf clubs then you have to try them out in the golf course and see how each club affects the movement of the ball in different areas and circumstances. Practice makes perfect. Get lessons or even read a book. The best way is to learn from someone who knows their clubs while showing you exactly how to use them in person.